Location sound mixer & Registered Maine Guide.

Justin has traveled the world as a location sound mixer from his home in Southern Maine to remote locations in Japan, Fiji, Southeast Asia, South America, the Caribbean and throughout Europe, providing high quality production sound for National Geographic, CBS, HBO, HGTV, VICE, MTV, MSNBC and many others. He is a detail oriented, creative problem-solver who thrives in less than ideal situations, bringing peace of mind to productions. 

If you are heading to Maine, Justin’s local knowledge and connections have proven very useful. As a lifelong Mainer, Registered Guide, dad, coach and amateur history nerd, Justin is easy to connect with. 

If you are heading abroad, Justin’s experience with customs, cultures, what to bring and how to get it there are invaluable. 

Carnet holder with updated Passport ready to go. 

  • Thailand

  • Tokyo

  • Italy

  • Washington, D.C.

  • Commercial


    Client: MaineHealth
    Agency: WFTW
    Creative + Production: Timber + Frame

  • Doc


    Client: Maine Coast Heritage Trust
    Agency: Ethos
    Creative + Production: Timber + Frame


    Client: Maine Tourism
    Agency: BVK
    Creative + Production: Timber + Frame

  • Mud flats.

    You got to keep moving or you’re going to get stuck. Just another example of how my experience on all types of shoots in all types of ecosystems gives me an advantage over any mixer. 

  • Extreme Focus.

    Chefs are on tight schedules and don’t like to sway from their routine so there is no room for error. Working in a kitchen with fire, knives, hot pans and a lot of people takes extreme focus and self awareness.

    Maine Office of Tourism

  • The Real Maine.

    Maine Office of Tourism

  • HBO Originals.

  • Big City Sound.

    Every step on this walk and talk through Roxbury, Massachusetts was a test. Getting clean audio while watching traffic patterns and fighting the cold weather. Also being able to work around the general public with onlookers etc.

  • Rocket Launch.

    Blushift Aerospace launched Starsust 1.0 from an airbase in Limestone, Maine. This was the first commercial biofuel rocket in the world. 

    Providing location sound mix and recording for a documentary on this special event was an honor. I can’t even begin to describe seeing this feat of teamwork, determination and Yankee ingenuity succeed in person.

  • Water, Water, Everywhere.

    Being waist high in a cranberry bog isn’t for every mixer but I love it. I have been in quite a few bodies of water including lakes, rivers, the South China Sea and a couple of oceans. Being able to keep gear safe and dry is a completely different skill.

  • Top of the Mountain.

    Cold weather, interview on top of MT. Washington, very wide shots. When you live and work the northeast being able to snowshoe, ski and snowboard are very helpful. 

  • Location Sound Podcast

    Interview with Michael The Sound Guy:

    Justin Lacroix is a production sound mixer based out of southern Maine. He’s worked on the reality TV show Survivor and on projects for MTV, Nat Geo, HBO and Vice. He uses a Sound Devices 633 mixer/recorder, Lectrosonics SRc wireless receivers, Lectrosonics SMWBs and SMDWBs wireless transmitters, Sanken COS-11 lav mics, Sennheiser 416 shotgun mics and Sennheiser MKH-50 for interiors. Justin also uses Tentacle Sync time code boxes.

  • Real Life, Real Locations.

    Freezing temperatures and high winds pushed my gear and myself to the limit on this shoot.

  • Our Roots.

    Twenty years ago a small group of farmers and farm advocates started talking about this idea: that farmland, and farming, matter and should be protected. Soon, that little seed of an idea took root, and Maine Farmland Trust began as the first and only land trust in Maine dedicated to protecting farmland and supporting farmers.

    Produced in partnership with Knack Factory for Maine Farmland Trust’s 20th Anniversary.

  • Pro Athletes, Pro Audio.

    I really enjoy working with pro athletes. They are extremely focused and eager to provide the best quality during a shoot, which is also my approach with location audio.

  • Show Up Ready.

    Maine Coast Heritage Trust

    I’ve found being a veteran is helpful when working with law enforcement. This is also why showing up to set looking clean and organized is important.

  • Gone Fishing.

    Fisherman don’t want to wait around for a film crew, they have fish to catch. Being nimble and personable are huge factors in achieving great sound aboard a fishing vessel. Wether it’s a lobster, kelp, or oyster boat, I’ve been on it and will make it work. 

    Maine Coast Heritage Trust “Judy” director’s cut. Timber + Frame