Justin has traveled the world as a location sound mixer with extensive documentary/reality, narrative, political campaigns and corporate experience.




There’s nothing better than working with good people. Call or message 207-891-8268 or email jlacroix@waveswarm.com

About Justin

Justin has traveled the world as a location sound mixer from his home in southern Maine to Japan, remote Fiji, the South Pacific, South America, the Caribbean and throughout Europe working with with National Geographic, CBS, HBO, HGTV, VICE, MTV, MSNBC and many others on sets big and small. He is a detail oriented, creative problem-solver, producing quality sound recordings in challenging environments. Justin has extensive documentary/reality, narrative, political campaigns and corporate experience. Always on time, ready to work, and easy to be around teamed with situation awareness and adaptability make him a valuable asset on any set. Find out why he has been trusted with location audio on so many quality productions.

WaveSwarm / Justin Lacroix : Production Sound Mixer and Location Audio


Sound Devices 633 multitrack recorder
Sound Devices MixPre6 backup recorder
Lectrosonics SRC Dual receivers (3) for 6 channels of wireless
Lectrosonics SMDWB Transmitters (3)
Lectrosonics SMWB Transmitters (3)
Sanken cos 11 mics for wireless
Sennheiser MKH 50
Sennheiser MKH 416
Tentacle Sync timecode systems
Lectrosonics UCR 100 camera hops (2)
Denecke TS-C smart slate
Lectrosonics R1a IFB systems (4)
Sennheiser md46 stick mic
Lectrosonics HMa plug on Transmitter
Sennheiser AMBEO ambisonic mic.

I can provide production with any kit rental desired.

Additional gear available upon request.

Kyrie Irving in Beyond Meat

I really enjoy working with pro athletes. They are extremely focused and eager to provide the best quality during a shoot, which is also my approach with location audio.Read More →

During this week-long shoot in Japan, we went from Tokyo to Okayama which included the hottest day in Japan’s recorded history at 106 degrees (41.1 Celsius). I have invested in the best gear on the market because it can withstand the change in environment – even with extreme temperatures and high humidity in rural Japan on a fishing boat my equipment functioned flawlessly.Read More →

This long walk and talk required highly skilled boom control. The jump was recorded using the onboard recorder in a Lectrosonics SMWB Transmitter strapped to the talents chest with a Viviana strap. Read More →


This project took me to Peru, Brazil, and Japan in a matter of weeks. Overcoming language barriers and navigating foreign countries isn’t for everyone. I have become accustomed to it and get the job done.Read More →

Stranded With A Million Dollars

Stranded is out! Sound mixing on MTV’s new survival show was a fun challenge! The remote location, rugged terrain, and weather tested my skills every day. Watch the latest episodes at MTV.Read More →

The MegaBots shoot was a challenge to capture clear audio due to the large warehouse spaces and very loud machinery. Check out the video to see the results. From MegaBots Inc.:Read More →