Even remote locations can present obstacles for capturing quality sound. Insects, birds, waves and boats are just some that are encountered.Read More →

Stranded With A Million Dollars

Stranded is out! Sound mixing on MTV’s new survival show was a fun challenge! The remote location, rugged terrain, and weather tested my skills every day. Watch the latest episodes at MTV.Read More →

The MegaBots shoot was a challenge to capture clear audio due to the large warehouse spaces and very loud machinery. Check out the video to see the results. From MegaBots Inc.:Read More →

Justin Lacroix capturing sound for Survivor Kaoh Rong on the beach in Cambodia.

Reality TV Series, 2015 (for 2016 season currently in post production) — Reality TV Show, Mark Burnett Productions, CBSRead More →

MIT nano video with Grain Digital

It was amazing to record these interviews for Grain Digital at the new MIT nano research facility.Read More →

Dick Van Dyke and Tim Janis

Justin was proud to work on the new movie, The Button Girl, scheduled to release in December 2015.Read More →